Bologna is the gastronomic heart of Emilia Romagna, the City of Food, located on the edge of the fertile plains of the Po Valley. It celebrates a rich food legacy; in fact ragu or bolognese sauce was founded here. But never ask for spaghetti bolognese. Calling the city’s signature tagliatelle al ragu ‘spag bol’ is a gastronomic sin. It’s like calling champagne ‘fizzy wine’. Food is second only to Catholicism here.

Tortellini & Tradition

Tortellini (pronounced tor-teh-lee-nee) are small pieces of ring-shaped pasta that have been traditionally stuffed with mortadella, prosciutto crudo, lombo di maiale, parmigiano reggiano and nutmeg. Tortellini are usually served in a hearty meat broth, but can also be coated in ragù (meat sauce) or panna (cream). In order to create the golden yellow pasta dough, it is very important that the eggs are fresh with sunny yellow yolks. Stretching out the dough is a long, laborious process that requires the use of a long wooden baton to create a very thin sheet of dough. After, a special rolling-cutter is used to cut the dough into squares. A small amount of stuffing is placed into each square, and expert hands (usually those of an Italian grandmother) delicately folds the dough into dumpling-like spheres.


embodied knowledge passed down through generations


authentic and genuine, from past to present


Tortellini isn’t just eggs, flour, water and delectable fillings, but also……


rich and distinct


unchanged, since the first tortellino



Born and raised in Bologna, Tortellino brings its unique brand to the world, promoting the gastronomic heart of Emilia Romagna and it’s distinct recipes both locally and abroad.


via Cesare Battisti 17/A / Bologna

Tortellino Bologna is a unique food concept founded by Federico Spisani and brought to life by You Can Group, which provides a traditional, restaurant quality dish in a takeaway format, ready to eat or prepare at home. Recognised by Gambero Rosso for the way it combines quality and innovation, Tortellino Bologna has now become part of the backbone of the urban environment. It is a well-priced and fast lunch and dinner alternative for city workers, scruffy students, families, tourists and everyone who calls this city of food home.


Monday: 12pm - 3pm | closed on evening
From tuesday to sunday: 12pm - 3pm | 7pm - 11pm


For info and delivery, call 051 239564



Palmanova Outlet Village


All days from 10am to 8pm


For info call +39 0432 837810


1028 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Tortellino San Francisco is located at The Hall on 1028 Market Street. This hot pop-up and street-food collective is located in the former Hollywood Billiards building. The location includes six rotating food vendors, along with coffee shop Dignitá, and a popular bar serviced by Anchor Distillery. The Mid Market area still smacks urban-grunge, however the neighbourhood is quickly gentrifying with Twitter headquarters a few blocks away and Zendesk across the street. The Hall brings together an amazing array of street-food formats, centered in one wood-and-metal designed open-air restaurant space with brushes of bright colour and street art. It enriches the neighborhood through community building and culture creation, around food that is accessible for everyone.


From monday to friday: 11am - 8pm
Saturday and sunday: Close


For delivery please contact Federico at (415) 283-5264


Milano Marittima POP-UP

Milano Marittima On Ice

From the 6th of December to the 10th of January, a circular ice-skating rink of 900sqm will be fixed around the main roundabout (Rotunda Primo Maggio) in Milano Marittima, a seaside town in the province of Cervia, about a 1.5-hour drive from Bologna. Along with the ice-skating rink there will be a Christmas market and a number of food stalls including Tortellino Bologna. Treat yourself to a steaming cup of tortellini in brodo as you step of the ice!